chromophobic cell

chromophobic cell

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  • Chromophobe cell — Code TH H3. The term chromophobe refers to histological structures which do not stain readily, and thus appear more relatively pale under the microscope hence their fear ( phobia ) of color ( chrome ). Cancer Chromophobe also refers… …   Wikipedia

  • null-cell adenoma — a pituitary adenoma whose cells give negative results on tests for staining and hormone secretion; although classically they were considered to be composed of sparsely granulated or degranulated (nonfunctioning) cells, some contain functioning… …   Medical dictionary

  • chromophobe cells — chromophobic cells small, faintly staining cells with scanty cytoplasm found often in clusters in the center of the cell cords in the adenohypophysis; their cytoplasm was formerly thought to be nongranular, but the granules are now known to be… …   Medical dictionary

  • chromophobe adenoma — chromophobic adenoma a pituitary adenoma composed of cells that lack acidophilic or basophilic granules; this is the same entity as the more precisely named null cell a …   Medical dictionary

  • Pituitary adenoma — Classification and external resources ICD 10 D35.2 …   Wikipedia

  • Adenoma — A benign tumor that arises in or resembles glandular tissue. If it becomes cancerous, it is called an adenocarcinoma. * * * A benign epithelial neoplasm in which the tumor cells form glands or glandlike structures; usually well circumscribed,… …   Medical dictionary

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  • Periodic acid-Schiff stain — Periodic acid Periodic acid Schiff (PAS) is a staining method used to detect glycogen and other polysaccharides in tissues. The reaction of periodic acid oxidizes the diol functional groups in glucose and other sugars, creating aldehydes that… …   Wikipedia

  • chromophobe — /kroh meuh fohb /, adj. 1. Also, chromophobic. Histol. not staining readily. n. 2. Cell Biol. a chromophobe cell in the pituitary gland. [1895 1900; CHROMO + PHOBE] * * * …   Universalium

  • chromophobe — Resistant to stains, staining with difficulty or not at all; denoting certain degranulated cells in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. SYN: chromophobic. [chromo + G. phobos, fear] * * * chro·mo·phobe krō mə .fōb also chro·mo·pho·bic .krō… …   Medical dictionary

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